P2 Literacy & Numeracy 8th June 2020 

Phonics - We have now finished our P2 spellings sounds. Take the opportunity over the next two weeks to learn 
tricky sounds and consider having a spelling test of all the sounds learnt from ‘ee’ - ‘oy’. 
Next week I will include a list of 25 spelling words you could do as a test on Friday 19thJune. 
Meanwhile feel free to continue phonics work using phonicsplay.co.uk Enter username: march20, password: home 
Click on Resources and then click on Phase 5. Recommended games: Buried treasure, Dragon’s Den, Picnic on Pluto… 
Number Facts - revision. Select any weeks you found particularly difficult and work on those. 
Reading - Continue to read daily. Either use books you have at home or use Oxford Owl Reading or Collins Connect. If you are unsure about the level of your child's reading, please contact me via email. 
Click to download work booklet for the week. 
Below is a suggested timetable of when to complete. Some teaching points and additional online materials are included too. 
WALT: Find the “difference” between two numbers practically. 
(1min 55, please be aware that the volume is poor, so  
turn it up) 
The language of this can is difficult.  
It is important that children learn that when we say: "What is the difference between 1 and 6?"  
we mean:  
"How many more is 6 than 1?" or "How many 
numbers do you count up from 1 to get to 6?" or  
"What is 6 subtract 1?" 
Repeat activity in video of using coins/counters/pasta  
to find the difference between 2 numbers. 
Worksheet - numicon 
Discuss your weekend and write about it using the template. 
Draw a picture at the bottom. 
WALT: Find the “difference” between two numbers 
• Worksheet: Count out the 2 numbers with practical materials to find the difference. 
Read & Respond 
• Read the story of the ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ 
• Worksheet - Complete the table about the story elements for ‘Story 1’ 
• Who were the characters?  
Where was the setting? (Where did the story happen?) 
What was the solution to the story? (How did they solve the problem?) 
WALT: Measure weight of an object using non-standard units 
• Complete Studyladder pod ‘Weight’ (3 tutorials, 2 activities) 
Read and Respond 
• Read the story of the ‘The Three Billy Dogs Gruff’ 
• Discuss how it is similar to the ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff’ 
• Worksheet – Complete yesterday’s worksheet for ‘Story 2’ 
WALT: Measure weight of an object using non-standard units 
Watch the lesson tutorial 'Week 1 – Lesson 2 – Measure mass'  
Worksheet – write how many units each item weighs 
• Write a new alternative ending for the story ‘The Three Billy Dogs Gruff’. 
• How else could Dog 3 have gotten away from Croc? What would happen if he hadn’t gotten away? 
• Worksheet – Draw a picture of your new ending and write about what happened. 
WALT: Compare weights of an object using non-standard units 
Watch the lesson tutorial ‘Week 1 – Lesson 3 – Compare mass’ 
Worksheet – Which item is heavier/lighter. Use non-standard units to find out. 
Spellings Test 
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