P2 Literacy & Numeracy 15th June 2020 

Phonics - Click to download some suggested spelling revision. 
Number Facts - revision. Select any weeks you found particularly difficult and work on those. 
Reading - Continue to read daily. Either use books you have at home or use Oxford Owl Reading or Collins Connect. If you are unsure about the level of your child's reading, please contact me via email. 
Click to download work booklet for the week. 
Below is a suggested timetable of when to complete. Some teaching points and additional online materials are included too. 
WALT: Understand and use analogue time: half-past. 
• Worksheet: half past 
Discuss your weekend and write about it using the template.Try to use different sentence starters e.g. First, Next, After that etc. 
Draw a picture at the bottom. 
WALT: Understand and use analogue time: half-past. 
• Worksheet: 
• Play Game: ‘On Time’  
Read & Respond 
• Read the online story ‘Three Little Pigs’ 
• Worksheet: Compare similarities and differences between houses. 
WALT: Understand and use analogue and digital time: half-past. 
• Watch 'Year 1 Time' (9mins but skip to 3 minutes in for half past information, before this is a recap of o’clock) 
• Worksheet: 
• Sometimes houses are built from different materials depending on the climate they are in. 
• Look at the powerpoint of different types of house, disucss the environment you think each house belongs in. What are the houses made of? 
• Worksheet - List the materials used to build two different houses, and explain why some materials are sometimes more suitable than others. 
WALT: Read analogue and digital times; half-past and o’clock 
• Play Game : 'Time Tools'  
• Worksheet: 
• Worksheet: Design and label a new house for the pigs 
WALT: Estimate the number of objects in a set (e.g.  
more or less than 5 or 10 or 15) within 20. 
• Twinkl Ppt 
• Worksheet: 
Spelling Test 
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