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Why don't you try some of the games P2/3 enjoy playing in school, at home? 
Scroll down the page for the different curriculum areas.  


Primary Two 

Addition or subtraction games 
Number chart: use for counting, number before and after, counting in 2s, 5s and 10 etc 
Use me to show times on the clock - o'clock and half past 
Money: Give change from 10p, 20p or 50p - change levels at the top. 
Pay for items and give change up to 20p 
Sorting, ordering and counting coins 
Order numbers to 50 
<set smallest number '0' and biggest '50' 
Number bonds to 10 
Count in 2s, 5s or 10s 
+/- 1 or +/-10 
Find a number in between e.g. 26 _ 28 
Count groups of 10 
Count groups of 10 

Primary three 

Use as 100 square - locate numbers, numbers before, after and between, counting in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s, addition and subtraction 
Rounding 2-digit numbers to nearest 10 
Odd and even numbers to 100 
Reading and answering questions about a pictogram 
Give change from £1 - level 1 and 2 - see P2 games above for link to game for change from 10p, 20p and 50p 
Use me to show times on the clock - o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to 
Addition or subtraction games 
Mental maths practice - level 1 or 2 - addition, subtraction or ordering 
Doubles and halves to 20  
+/1 10 and multiples of 10 
Demonstrates TU addition 
Demonstrates TU subtraction 
Tens and Units - know how many tens and units - value of a number 
Number facts - bonds of 10/20, doubles, halves, missing number, adding and subtraction to 20 
Level 1 - doubles to 20+20 
Place value can be tricky - the value of each digit in a number depends on its place or position.  
> Practise making Tens and Units Numbers in Numbers and words.  
TU+U with no carrying 
TU+TU with no carrying 
Learn how to keep your money safe 

Literacy: suitable for P2 and P3 

>Alphabetical order 
>Capital letters/full stops/question marks 
>Days of the week/months of the year 
>Rhyming games 
Select the correct question word - who, what, where, when, why, how? 
Various literacy activities and games 
Read some of Aesops fables and explore the moral of each fable 
Various literacy activities and games 
Various literacy activities and games 


Enter the free  
username: march20, password: home 
Click on Resources and then click on Phase 5: 
Buried treasure and Dragon's Den are favourites 


Click on 
> Levels 
> Book Band 
> Select appropriate colour band level that your child is reading at (check stickers on books sent home or email Mrs Orr if unsure). 
Password: Parents20! 
> Click on Collins big cat ebook - picture of a purple lion 
> Click on your child's reading band down left hand side and fiction or non-fiction 
> Select a book to read 
>There are also corresponding worksheets to each book - click on resources :) 
1. Click on start reading 
2. Choose a category of books - e.g. animals and pets 
3. Choose book - an audio option for more difficult books 
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