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A little bit of fun learning to supplement our literacy and numeracy activities. In school we do 'World Around Us' every Wednesday afternoon so I will add a new activity by Wednesday of each week. 
Introduce the word material to your child: All things are made from 'materials'. This doesn't mean that objects are made from cloth/fabric (material) but that the word 'material' refers to the matter from which a thing is made - i.e. wood, plastic, glass and metal. 

Session Four- 04/06/20 - Odd One Out 
Thank you so much for all your creative pictures of your pig houses. You are working super hard. To see other children's houses you can click on P2/3 page and scroll down to gallery. 

1. Think about the properties of different materials again - some are hard, soft, stretchy, stiff, dull, shiny, rough, smooth, rigid, fragile, strong, weak, translucent, opaque, transparent - do you know the meaning of these words? Find out more about the properties of materials in the PowerPoint opposite and take the property matching quiz.  
2. Complete the odd one out sheet - click here - Why have you chosen this object as the odd one out? What makes it different from the other objects? 
3. Imagine everything you touched became flexible (floppy), how would your life be different? Next consider life without other material properties, such as flexibility or strength, or a world where everything was soft or bouncy. 
4. Read the story of King Midas (PowerPoint) opposite and then talk about why having everything made of gold was a bad idea. What are the properties of the metal gold? What is it useful for? What is it really not useful for? 
Session 2 and three - week beginning 18/05/20 and 25/05/20 - 'Little pigs house' 
*This session will take us over the next two weeks - try to have your houses finished for the start of June. 
1. You're going to design a new house for the Three Little Pigs. Start by watching this video and think about what the house needs to keep the pigs safe. Do they need to be able to see outside? Does it need to be a strong house? Why? 
2. Read this powerpoint about the properties of materials. What type of materials would you use in a house? 
3. Complete the testing properties page - Investigate objects around your house. See what properties they have. Why is the material its made out of the best one for the job? Would it work if you had a waterproof towel? Or a soft spoon? 
4. Find some materials to test for a house for the three little pigs. 
5 Watch this video on the suitability of materials. Which materials are good for which jobs? Which of these materials could be used in the pigs' house? 
*We wouldn't make a window of bricks – they need to be transparent. 
And paper boats wouldn't last very long in the rain – boats need to be waterproof. 
A material's properties tell us if it's suitable for a job. 
5. Plan your house on the sheet opposite.  
Finally, build your house! Could the three little pigs see out of the window? Does the house stay up on its own?  
Send Mrs Orr some pictures of your completed houses - I would love to see what you can come up with. Happy designing :) 
Joel's house for 'The Three Little Pigs' - wonderful construction work - I love the lollipop sticks at the door and the lovely flowers. Such a creative piece of work :) 
Abbey's house for the 'Three Little Pigs.' I wonder can you describe the materials she has used? 
Abbey wanted you to see her dog outside her house for 'The Three Little Pigs.' 
Session 1 - We're going on a material hunt 
1. Watch the video introducing materials 
2. Play 'I-Spy the Material' game at home - discuss why different materials have been used. 
3. Use the powerpoint (click on the materials picture below) to sort items into wood, plastic, metal paper or fabric. What would it be like if your kitchen table was made of jelly or the chairs were chocolate? Why are certain materials used to make these objects? 
4. Cut and stick the objects and sort into the correct columns - click here to access the worksheet 
5. Visit BBC Bitesize - click on 'How to identify materials' picture.  
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