Welcome to Primary 3/4/5 
World Around Us 
Term 1a - 'Mighty Me' 
We worked together in small groups to gather personal data. We designed a table to collect and record our findings. We used negotiation and compromise to decide what to measure and the most appropriate tools to use. 
We have been learning about our 'Mighty Skeleton' and its purpose. We enjoyed listening to these songs. We learned some interseting facts from them. 
** BEWARE **  
You will be repeating these over in your head! 
Click on the image and you will be taken to the YouTube video. 
Mighty Senses 
We have been learning about our 'Mighty Senses'. We walked around the school and tried to use all of our senses, we even had a sweet to tickle our taste buds and make use of our sense of taste! 
Term 1a - Portraits 
Using mirrors, we carefully studies our facial features. We thought carefully about tone and colour. Using HB pencils we sketched our eye and used colouring pencils to complete our masterpieces. 
Using chalk pastels, we mixed and smudged colours to create a larger scale eye. \we really enjoyed it! 
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