Welcome to Primary 4/5 
Week 12 in our 'Home Learning' journey. 
When we first heard about schools maybe closing due to Covid 19 I never thought it could be for 12 weeks. It is quite sad that we have reached our last week of P4/5 and the last time I will probably be teaching you all.  
Hopefully I will see you about and all the best to Mr Clarke who will be covering my maternity leave.  
Have a great Summer, make lots of special memories and get a good rest. 
Mrs Burton  
Remember If you are finding anything tricky, get an adult to send an email and I will try to help you out as best I can. 
Remember to keep all books/booklets and projects together. I will collect these when we return to school. 
Many Thanks, Mrs Burton. 
*** Click link below for home learning for the month of June*** 
**** Please Note **** 
Answer pages may be included with worksheets, especially in Numeracy. You will not need to print every page. 
Also check if you need to print all pages... some have various sheets which get progressively more difficult, if you feel these are too hard for your child save on printing and select only the relevant pages. 
Some resources can be viewed on screen. 
Please do not feel you have to do everything provided. Please do what suits your situation, some Numeracy, Literacy and Reading each day is important. 
Click on the relevant image below and it will redirect to the login page. 
New pods have been allocated for week beginning 15-06-20 
See weekly timetable in 'Home Learning Section' 
CPrimary 5 
Primary 4 
Week 1 
This week you have been out hunting! Hopefully you have found lots of creepy crawlies!! Can't say I enjoyed this part!! We found lots of Woodlice under pots and far too many flies (annoying me in the house!!). We didn't find very many worms, we thought maybe the ground was too dry after the hot spell of weather and they were maybe deeper down into the soil. We also saw two huge bees and some small wasp like creatures. No butterflies this week.  
What did you find? 
Send some photos of you on your hunt or the Bug Hotel that you have started to crreate. You may want to add to this over the next few weeks. 
Week 2 
This week you were closely observing minibeasts. You were to choose one and do some extra research. I would love to see your factfiles. The craft activity was to design and create a minibeast. You could use different materials. What does your's look like?  
This Minibeast is a 'Gingo'. 
Practical Numeracy 
Primary 5 were investigating the properties of cubes this week. They had to first predict which nets would form a cube and then test out each net.  
As a challenge they were tasked with creating a box with a lid that could open and close.  
Super concentration! 
Well Done!! 
Challenge completed! 
Mental Maths 
Topmarks Maths Games is a fantastic site.  
It offers various games and resources to support learning. 
Below are some of our favourites. 
Click on the images and you will be taken to the game. 
Explore Topmarks site, there are lots more games and resources. 
A new game ... 
I think you will love this!! 
(ICT Games Website) 
Complete the calculation, press on the correct sarcophagus and watch the mummy dance. 
10 correct answers allows you to write a message using Egyptian heiroglyphs 
Friday Mental Maths Tests 
Click on the above image to access questions for mental maths P4 booklet. 
Click on the above image to access questions for Folens rapid recall tests. 
Click on the above image to access questions for mental maths P5 booklet. 
Click on the above image to access questions for the second set of 10 tests- 'More Mental Maths' P5 questions. 
Times Tables Songs 
Two Times 
Three Times 
Four Times 
Five Times 
Ten Times 
Primary 5 Factors and Prime Numbers 
Click on the image above to view videos on BBC biesize about factors and prime numbers. 
Factors Display Poster 
Prime Numbers Display Poster 
World Around Us 
'Are We Nearly There Yet?' 
Week 1 
-> Research Grace Darling and the amazing journey she made. 
-‘Grace Darling Powerpoint- significant People’ and accompanying Factfile. 
Click on the image below and it should bring you to the PowerPoint Presentation. 
Clever use of junk materials to make a lighthouse that links to our topic this week. Well done! 
Investigating which objects float or sink.  
A fabulous factfile!! 
I would like to see your finished 'Grace Darling' factfiles. I can attach them here on our page. 
Week 2 
-> Lifeboats and the important journeys they make to save lives at sea. 
- ‘RNLI’ Powerpoint 
- Writing activity based on powerpoint – ‘Which role would you prefer?’ 
Click on the image below and it should bring you to the PowerPoint Presentation. 
Week 2 
-> Lifejackets- important role they play in saving lives. 
- Fun Activity- ‘Best material for a lifejacket’ 
Click on the image below and to view a colour copy of the experiment instructions. 
Week 3 
-> Telecommunications - The invention of the telephone- the journey of sound between phones. 
- Alexander Graham Bell - Powerpoint 
- Comprehension activity 
- Click on the image below to access the relevant powerpoint. 
- Fun Activity - 'Making a String Telephone' 
Click on the image to find a step by step guide. 
You could also use tin cans for this, make sure any sharp edges have been sanded by an adult. 
Send through photos of your finished project. 
Hello? Hello? Anybody there???? 
Rosie and her sister are talking on their home made telephone!  
Looks like fun girls!! 
Ring! Ring! Somebody answer Ruby! 
Week 4 
-> Research  
- who was Dr Martin Cooper (invented mobile phone) 
- who was John Logie-Baird (invented of Television)? 
** Choose one and create a fact file ** 
- You could maybe make a poster - handwritten or word procesed; make a Keynote or Powerpoint; or even create an eBook using 'Book Creator' 
Please email through your finished work or photograph it and email the pictures. I look forward to seeing them!! 
Heidi has written a great report on John Logie Baird. She did type it up but unfortuantely the format is not compatible with our website. Fab work!!! --------------------------------->>> 
Zack has made a very impressive Powerpoint about Dr Martin Cooper. Well done Zack. Mrs Wilson will be very impressed with your ICT skills. 
Well done to Alfie. He has put his Ict and research skils to great use and produced a presentation to be very proud of!! 
Week 5/6 
Journey of a Product 
** Through shared planning for our topic the children decided on a product. We thought crisps would be an interesting journey to follow.** 
-> using crisps (or different product that you might prefer) tell us about its journey. You could draw pictures and annotate, make a keynote/powerpoint, create an Ebook using book creator, make a poster, have somebody video a presentation..... you decide! 
This project will take longer than the other activities. Spread it out over two weeks. I look forward to seeing the finished pieces!! 
Ethan has created an amazing PowerPoint presentation following the journey of crisps. Really well done!! 
Super ICT skills Zack and great research. I can't choose my favourite flavour! 
Fabulous work Ruby!! I like how you have chosen to present your reseach as a set of instructions in a powerpoint presentation. 
I think Rosie's poster showing the Journey of crisps is amzing. Would you agree? 
Her Mummy helped her to shrink real crisps packets in the oven and she then decorated her poster with them. I'm guessing eating all those crisps was the best bit!! ---------------> 
Click on the image to the left.  
You might find it helpful. 
It contains some basic information. 
Heidi has worked hard to research the journey of crisps and presented her research using PowerPoint. It is fantastic. Well done!! 
Well done Evie!! Another great Powerpoint. I'm really impressed!! 
Week 7 & 8 
Our Journeys – travel to school 
- Research how children in different countries get to school 
- Plan/map journey to school 
- Research how people got to school in the past (Ring an older relative??) 
You do not need to do all these. You choose depending on how much time you have. 
Reading / Writing Activities 
Click on the link below to download a Word document with various worksheets that can be used with your silent reading book.  
Choose the activity that you would like to complete, choose print, in print range section click on 'Pages' bullet point and type the page number/s you wish to print. 
Feel free to email photographs of your work through and I will attach to the class page. 
A different style of Non-Fiction writing. Evie has produced a wonderful factfile on Deer, using Powerpoint. 
Class Gallery  
Some of the boys and girls have been very busy while they have been off school. 
Take a look at what they have been getting up to. 
Joshua and Dylan have been busy feeding pet lambs, planting, playing football and doing their school work!! 
<- Ruby has been busy planting peas. 
Ruby has some new friends at home. 
These little chicks are very cute! 
Jay and Anna have got a new puppy called Spot to look after as well as pet lambs!!  
Busy times for them! 
Lots of adventures and walks!! 
Tip Top Condition 
We had a 'Minty Fresh' classroom!! The boys and girls were investigating how they could keep their teeth in 'Tip Top Condition'.  
They brushed their teeth for the recommended 2 minutes whilst listening to the 'Brush Bus' song. Brushing teeth can be fun! 
Click on the brush to listen to the song. 
A Healthy Diet 
In order to stay in 'Tip Top Condition' P4/5 have been learning about the importance of having a healthy diet. They sorted food using the 'Healthy Eating Plate' and designed balanced dinner menus. They also investigated the amount of sugar in various drinks. 
Healthy Art 
Anyone fancy an Apple? P4/5 created some wonderful pieces of art that are almost good enough to eat! 
Numeracy in the great outdoors 
We had the pleasure of travelling to Parkanaur with our friends from St Joseph's to take part in an exciting SET workshop led by staff from the Speedwell Trust.  
The boys and girls had a fantastic day in Parkanaur Forest. They followed a Maths trail throught he forest and completed various numeracy related activities. 
Energy and Electricity 
Another lovely morning was shared with our friends from St Joseph's. The boy and girls were learning about renewable and non-renewable energy. They also investigated circuits and tested materials to find insulators and conductors.  
N I Waterbus 
P4-7 studied the Water Cycle, followed the journey of water from the resevoirs to our homes and learned about the process used to clean water so that we can drink it safely. 
Yummy Pancakes!!!! 
We thoroughly enjoyed making pancakes and piling them up with lots of different toppings!! They were so good some didn't want to leave a crumb!! Thanks Pam for all your help. 
'Walk Like an Egyptian' 
We enjoyed a fantastic trip to the Navan Centre in Armagh. We learned about the Ancient Egyptians in a fun and interactive way. We made a 'Mummy', met an Egyptian farmer and slave and even made Egyptian jewellery. 
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